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We’re beyond excited to bring you a new and informative travel adventure series!

Each year, thousands of people are injured on vacation. Whether it’s an accident or illness, injuries seem to spike when you travel. This exciting, beautiful and above all fun journey takes you everywhere, from backyard adventures to exotic locations. So how do you complete your bucket list— without kicking the bucket? Join Tobiad and  find out how to have fun-filled travel and get the (often surprising) facts along the way.

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Our amazing host Tobias Scott has had some seriously cool adventures filming this show! “What I’d really like to say to viewers is just get out, ADVENTURE, live life and do enough in your lifetime to fill the pages of your blank book. Don’t hold back, becayse, hey, if you explore the world the safe and smart way, who knows where it can take you!” – Tobias Scott


Webisodes launch this fall! Stay tuned for more teasers, updates and amazing contests!