Congratulations to the winner of our GoPro Hero Session Giveaway!

The Travel Safe, Not Sorry giveaway is now over and we’re happy to announce that Sergio Teixeira is the lucky winner of a brand new GoPro Hero 4 session. Congratulations Sergio! Hey, make sure to send us some of your awesome footage Travel Safe, Not Sorry Premieres early 2016! Check back in to stay updated with Tobias’ zany and hilarious travel blogs and cool video previews.  

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Ice Climbing – Elora Gorge

I envy climbers.  Their strength, determination, focus and shear courage to face an immovable adversary.  To understand you are not out to beat this opponent, but have been invited to be part of it, attach to it, become a bit of it.  And their clothes man!  Always great clothes! After our arrival in Elora Gorge, in all its glorious minus 32isms, we met our outstanding guide Fredrick Shuett. I probably should have known I’m not one of those rock climbing clothes…

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Segway – Blue Mountain

There are activities we do in life that challenge us every time to be better.  To think more clearly than our usual daily pattern requires so as to have the clarity when it’s critical.  We go to bed earlier, drink less, eat better, get more exercise because it’s needed to handle the physical exhaustion, mental stress and the overwhelming possibility that you, after all the preparation, may still fail at it.  Segway is not one of these sports in any…

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Ice Safety – Lake Simcoe

I have broken several bones and received lacerations requiring numerous stitches, but there is really nothing like the pain of being submerged in zero degree water in your everyday clothes in the dead of winter.  That’s the moment you realize what you are about.  The moment you know unequivocally who are.  It’s the moment you become aware you’re not a very bright individual. Within 8 seconds, your breath is taken from you. Literally.  Your mouth is thrown open in a…

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Tobias talks about his experience cave diving in Tobermory

I was thrilled preparing for my dive. It’s only 20 feet down, 15 across into the grotto. 50 seconds max. I’ve now hit 2:43 static dive, but still nearly 2:00 free dive. I’m a Free Diver. I am learning how to master it. Well, challenge it let’s say. Free Diving is the sport of diving, salt water or fresh, on a single breath. It’s thrilling, exhilarating, euphoric and possibly fatal is done wrong. Maybe it was the nervous energy or…

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