There are activities we do in life that challenge us every time to be better.  To think more clearly than our usual daily pattern requires so as to have the clarity when it’s critical.  We go to bed earlier, drink less, eat better, get more exercise because it’s needed to handle the physical exhaustion, mental stress and the overwhelming possibility that you, after all the preparation, may still fail at it.  Segway is not one of these sports in any way…but it’s pretty damn fun!


Our guide is one of the most jovial woman I’ve ever met.  Outrageous really (in an awesome way!), in her approach to teach us how to Segway:  “We’re not doin the Mylie Cyrus” she belts out with her wonderful happy smoker’s rasp balanced beautifully on her machine, “Beyoncé. Keep it slow and smooth and that’ll get ‘er goin”.  And Beyoncé it was.  Okay, so a Segway is the invention of Dean Kamen.


If you don’t know what a Segway is please Google now.   What you must do is balance yourself perfectly on its stand.  Moving your hips, excuse me, Beyonce-ing forward to move forward, hips back (you don’t want to know the innuendo that was used for that.  I love this teacher!) to move backwards and the handle bars work as a steering wheel would except its parallel to the ground.  A little strange, but if you’ve rode a bicycle then it’s picked up fairly quickly.  Now, with all that happening you’re moving at 6km/hr. Uhhh my 10 month old son crawls this fast.  ..when he’s drunk.  Okay, a little harsh maybe and we’re are on a dirt trail with hills and ..dirt, but if you’re the person who likes the activities described in the first paragraph then this is probably not for you.  Take your kids. Go when on a date.  It teaches how to strengthen the core, keep balanced and work on hand eye coordination and it’s pretty damn fun!



What I’ve taken from this experience is there has only been one fatality on a Segway.  Jimi Heselden backed up on a path to give the right away to a couple passing him by.  He backed up too far and fell to his death.  He owned the company Segway  Segway is something to try at least once.  I would recommend to do it a la “off-road” if you have that option, but probably something I wouldn’t do again.  Actually, I’m lying.  I would go just to for the teacher as THAT experience will last a lifetime.