Water Safety

White Water Rafting down the Ottawa River

“There are really only three things you need to know when White Water Rafting” our young guide tells me. Seemingly fresh off the set of Blue Lagoon IV or something with surf boards in it, he is shouting, “First gear.  Second gear.  Third gear,” as we make our way down river. …rapids approaching quickly.  “First gear.  Second gear.  Third gear.” Um, ok….I’ve driven a 1981 Toyota Tercel and I can start off a line in third gear so this shouldn’t be…

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Free Diving in the Yucatan

The training is very extensive.  It’s one the most disciplined sports I’ve ever encountered.  You play it alone.  Your mind is the only competitor.  The greatest competitor.  And for those hour long seconds I remain motionless, nearly 60 feet under water, leaving my familiarity, my comfort very far above and as I am without breath for nearly two and a half minutes in that tranquil, blissful – perfect moment I am convinced – I never have to breathe again.  THIS…

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Ice Safety – Lake Simcoe

I have broken several bones and received lacerations requiring numerous stitches, but there is really nothing like the pain of being submerged in zero degree water in your everyday clothes in the dead of winter.  That’s the moment you realize what you are about.  The moment you know unequivocally who are.  It’s the moment you become aware you’re not a very bright individual. Within 8 seconds, your breath is taken from you. Literally.  Your mouth is thrown open in a…

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Jet Skiing in Muskoka Ontario

Sundays were always spent with Marlin Perkins and Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom. Honestly, I had disdain for the man every moment I realized it wasn’t the Cheetah episode and NOW I gotta wait till next Sunday. It wasn’t the stealth of a cat or the astonishing beauty of the coat, but the 0 – 100km/hr in 2.7 seconds that amazed me. Now, imagine for a moment it’s 1500lbs…and you can ride it. Then all you have to do is…

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