Congratulations to the winner of our GoPro Hero Session Giveaway!

The Travel Safe, Not Sorry giveaway is now over and we’re happy to announce that Sergio Teixeira is the lucky winner of a brand new GoPro Hero 4 session. Congratulations Sergio! Hey, make sure to send us some of your awesome footage Travel Safe, Not Sorry Premieres early 2016! Check back in to stay updated with Tobias’ zany and hilarious travel blogs and cool video previews.  

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Free Diving in the Yucatan

The training is very extensive.  It’s one the most disciplined sports I’ve ever encountered.  You play it alone.  Your mind is the only competitor.  The greatest competitor.  And for those hour long seconds I remain motionless, nearly 60 feet under water, leaving my familiarity, my comfort very far above and as I am without breath for nearly two and a half minutes in that tranquil, blissful – perfect moment I am convinced – I never have to breathe again.  THIS…

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Enter for Your Chance to Win the New Hero Session from GoPro

In anticipation of the launch of our original web series, we’ve giving away a brand new Hero Session from GoPro. Do you want a chance to win the newest, smallest, COOLEST GoPro? Like us on social media and sign up for our awesome mailing list and you’ll be entered in our draw. Enter often to win. The more times you share the better your chance of winning! Hurry! Contest ends November 11 2015. #TSNS #TSNSTV #GOPro #GoProTSNS Enter here –> Go…

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ATVing in Huntsville Ontario

Death is inevitable.  No matter we do to stave it off it comes.  Now, very often it’s terrible, tragic, but every so often death can be glorious.  A soldier saving an entire battalion by sacrificing himself in battle.  A firefighter carries one more person out of a burning building  before succumbing to noxious fumes.  So as we prepare to head out for an outrageous day of off-roading I can’t help but have a hunch, being on my back in a…

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Tobias talks about his experience cave diving in Tobermory

I was thrilled preparing for my dive. It’s only 20 feet down, 15 across into the grotto. 50 seconds max. I’ve now hit 2:43 static dive, but still nearly 2:00 free dive. I’m a Free Diver. I am learning how to master it. Well, challenge it let’s say. Free Diving is the sport of diving, salt water or fresh, on a single breath. It’s thrilling, exhilarating, euphoric and possibly fatal is done wrong. Maybe it was the nervous energy or…

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Meet our host Tobias Scott

Tobias Scott is an entrepreneur, a business man, a walker, a talker, a traveller, a father and the host of Travel Safe Not Sorry! . Whether he’s scuba diving, ice climbing, winter driving, paragliding or searching for ruins in the Yucatan, our resident traveler will take us on an entertaining and informative journey and show that what may seem like an insane trip can be easier than once imagined. There will be beauty, exotic locations, and adventure, but more than that, Tobias want to…

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Travel Safe, Not Sorry Web Launch

Welcome to www.travelsafenotsorry.com! We’re beyond excited to bring you a new and informative travel adventure series! Each year, thousands of people are injured on vacation. Whether it’s an accident or illness, injuries seem to spike when you travel. This exciting, beautiful and above all fun journey takes you everywhere, from backyard adventures to exotic locations. So how do you complete your bucket list— without kicking the bucket? Join Tobiad and  find out how to have fun-filled travel and get the (often surprising) facts along the…

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