ABOUT THE HOST: Tobias Scott

Travel Safe Not Sorry sends our Host Traveler,
Tobias Scott, on a variety of adventures with an aim to give viewers the confidence to try things they never thought possible. Whether it’s climbing a 100-foot ice wall, searching for Mayan ruins in Mexico, or throwing the dice at craps for the first time, Tobias shows that things you may have always wanted to try aren’t as crazy as they seem – provided you do them right. Along the way Tobias meets people who are experts in their fields and learns from the best before he gives it a try himself.


Stornoway has a long, proud history in international current affairs and has expanded its program base to include drama and entertainment, while keeping its primary focus on the factual genre. The continuing strength of the company is its ability to present issues and stories in exciting and compelling formats, winning critical praise, excellent ratings and dozens of individual program awards and nominations.

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